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Historical Monuments

Kivisili has recorded more than 8 thousand years of history and civilization.  The historical monument that indicates the presence of influences that extend from the Venetian Domination is firstly the Mosque that exists in the center of the village that is rumored to have been built in 1832.  In Kivisili, there is the phenomenon of Islamization of many Christians who at first remained Crypto-Christians (linobambaki) – Arvanit Greeks who converted to Islam and then became Turkish. Erntenkish.  From 1975 until today the village˘s authority does everything in its power to preserve the place of worship of Muslims.

Another historical monument that decorates not only the cultural but the religious space of the village as well is the picturesque and miraculous church of Panayia Eleousa (Virgin Merciful).

Furthermore, near the village˘s river there is a windmill which is protected by the Republic of Cyprus and which will soon be restored by the University of Cyprus.


Heroes Monuments

In 2012 a small square was created with 13 cypress trees, courtesy of the Community Council President, in memory of the dead of the Mari tragedy, in July 2011.